Translatørbureauet Eunike Hansen

Legal texts

Agency agreements, shareholder agreements, service contracts, certificates, orders, agreements on property division, judgments, due diligence, rejoinders, death certificates, administration of estates, baptismal certificates, diplomas, powers of attorney, distributorship contracts, service of judicial documents, rules of procedure, non-disclosure agreements, birth certificates, letters of intent, insolvency documentation, contracts, driving licences, parent company guarantees, minutes of meetings, patent applications, pleadings, registration certificates, extracts, replies, court records, collaboration agreements, articles of association, separation decrees, tax documentation, certificates of representation, divorce decrees, conveyances, contracts of sale, memorandum of association, writs, statements of defence, wills, registration documents, trademark applications, marriage certificates.

Financial texts

Annual reports, corporate announcements, share analyses.

Other customer-facing texts

Websites, letters to customers, brochures, anniversary books, promotional material.

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