Translatørbureauet Eunike Hansen

Before submitting your text for translation, it may be advisable to consider the following points, preferably in consultation with the translator:

  • Time: Have you set aside sufficient time in your project planning and booked the translation in good time – this will ensure the best output
  • Target audience: Have you considered your target audience and their background
  • Scope: Consider whether you need to have every single word translated. Perhaps an abstract or a translation of parts of the text will suffice – savings could be made
  • Format: If the text can be provided in Word, you will get a more accurate word count, and the translation may be carried out with the aid of translation software (call for details). That could result in savings
  • Certified translations: If a text needs to be certified, it is worth finding out if the recipient requires originals or whether copies will suffice
  • Contact: Are you able to provide a contact with specialist knowledge? Questions from the translator often improve the quality of the translation
  • Proofreading: If your text is posted on the Internet or printed, it might pay to have an extra round of proofreading after setting in the new medium. It would be a waste of resources to have a perfect draft and a final version containing printers' errors

Call for more information if you are in doubt about anything:


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